Health & Safety

JP Corry strives to maintain high standards of health and safety across each and every site.

We treat the health and safety of everyone connected to the business with the highest priority. Each branch is regularly audited to ensure they conform to the highest possible standards, and staff are educated on how they can act safer and generate a safer environment for themselves and others.

Our policies and processes around health and safety are higher than statutory requirements, which has enabled us to acheive over 1 million hours with no lost time accidents, in the last 2 years. 

Everyone from the senior management team right through to our individual branches have adopted a culture of internal reporting on health and safety. "Near Miss” events are regularly targeted and measured, and meetings held involving staff from different departments where issues or concerns can
be raised.

The strong focus on health and safety recently led to our Springfield Road branch being awarded the Saint-Gobain Diamond Award - a prestigious accolade awarded to Saint Gobain businesses for outstanding health and safety practices.

We continue to review our health and safety performance to ensure we continue to adopt the best practices.

Saint-Gobain Diamond Awards - JP Corry from Diamond Awards Saint-Gobain on Vimeo.