Build Aviator

A smooth route to building compliance 

Build Aviator has been created to take some of the stress out of the build process. Building efficiency and control into every job, Build Aviator provides a range of services to help reduce risk of non-compliance, save time and increase efficiency during the build process.

With Build Aviator from JP Corry, you can link the design stage of your project to the estimating and ordering of building materials, making your building project simpler, faster, cost-effective and compliant.


From design and planning through to procurement and completion Build Aviator provide expertise and services to support your building project. Services include:


SAP evaluates a home's energy performance and is a requirement of building regulations for newly built properties. From the preliminary drawings, Build Aviator will work with you to understand your build requirements, to helpyou achieve the standards set for thermal efficiency and carbon emissions. Learn more here.


Use our estimating service to price work linked to your SAP assessments to ensure you are compliant. This unique quantity take-off service provides an effective, comprehensive and accurate estimate of materials, labour and hire required, using products that are locally available through JP Corry.  Learn more here.


Assisting with projects from design through to completion, Build Aviator has partnered with LABC Acoustics to ensure acoustic solutions are designed in from the beginning, reducing the risk of failure. Learn more here.



Air pressure testing is carried out to decide a building’s air permeability rating, and is a requirement for all new builds. The Build Aviator Air Tight Testing service provides Part L compliant air tightness testing and consultancy from leading industry specialists, including constructive commentary during testing to help you achieve final sign-off. Learn more here.


Registered Construction Details help minimise heat loss through building weak points. The RCD shows potential issues, good practice and specific detail. Learn more here.


Quotation for services

Receive a quotation for Build Aviator services including: SAP assessment, Air Tightness, Acoustic Testing and the Estimating Service by simply completing the online form here.

For more information on how Build Aviator can benefit your project, visit the Build Aviator website.