SAP Assessments

What is SAP?

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is the Government’s method for measuring the energy rating of a building. SAP calculates a dwelling’s CO2 emissions, along with likely energy costs for space, water heating and lighting.

New residential buildings must comply with Part L1A of the Building Regulations, which stipulates that a SAP assessment must be undertaken, and submitted to Building Control prior to the start of any works on site. All SAP assessments must be undertaken by accredited Energy Assessors.


Build Aviator SAP Assessment Service

• The SAP assessment service should be done at the earliest possible point at design stage. We take your plans and help steer your product specification 

• We provide an actual product list of materials required, whereas many other SAP services will only provide you notional values of products. This can lead to confusion when translating what is required on-site

• Saves time and reduces risk through the inclusion of locally available products

• Build Aviator Registered Construction Details (RCDs) are included within the assessments. These provide details on how to build specific junctions within the project and help to design out any thermal bridging issues. 

• Our SAP assessment service can also work alongside your estimation reports, to ensure that the full build calculation contains the specification from the SAP assessment in relation to the products that affect the energy efficiency of the finished property

To request a SAP assessment click here. Alternatively, for more details about our SAP assessments contact a member of our team on 028 9024 3661.