JP Corry adhere to the idea of “think globally, act locally”.

We are dedicated to managing the environmental impact of our business operations by utilising resources efficiently to limit our carbon footprint throughout our supply chain.

Since 2014, we have made significant improvements to reduce our carbon footprint, which are detailed below:

ISO 14001 

Our existing environmental management system allows us minimize our environmental impact, comply with all regulations and help us continually reduce our carbon footprint. Consequently, we have achieved the standard ISO 14001:2004 accreditation.


Sustainable Sourcing
As a leading timber and building materials supplier, we seek to build partnerships with suppliers who display visible sustainable supply chains for the products we sell. All branches are now FSC® accredited. Our staff are also trained to offer advice which may be used to help our customers make more sustainable choices.

Renewable Energy
We supply a range of renewable products that contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and mov towards more sustainable construction.

In order to make our supply chain as green as possible, we ensure that the highest percentage of our waste is recycled.


We continue to take a responsible approach to enviornemental management, to ultimatley achieve the highest levels of environmental performance.