Siniat are manufacturers of a wide range of quality drylining products and systems for partitions, ceilings, wall linings and external sheathing, which can be found in millions of properties across the country.

Whether it’s reducing sound levels of noisy neighbours, keeping your property warmer and saving on fuel bills or creating a durable and mould resistance bathroom, Siniat have a performance board that does the job.

They support customers and end users with a range of easy accessible information and tools on choosing the correct products and installation techniques.

What ever the problem or the solution you need, Siniat have a YouTube video that will give you clear and detailed "How To" instructions, from mixing compounds to easy to follow drylining installation instructions

In addition, Their promotional roadshow visits merchants across the country, with our technicians and experts providing free face-to-face information and advice to customers on all types of projects.

Many of the construction sector’s most successful companies trust Siniat’s products, customer service and technical knowledge.