Why Ladder Doors Are Perfect For You?

18 August 2022
How to find the right door for you?
Finding the right door to suit your home is a daunting task. The most popular style doors are usually a shaker door Belfast or a ladder door Belfast as both styles offer a minimalist, yet stylish look to your home.
What is a ladder door?
Ladder doors are a minimalist and modern style door that are an attractive and great value option. The ladder style door smooth finish provides high quality and elegance meaning that ladder doors Belfast are the perfect blank canvas to any home.
What are they made of?
Ladder doors are made of mixed materials which often consists of smooth facings and timber. The mixed material creates a moulded effect on the panels which means that ladder doors are more resistant than solid wood doors.
Are they expensive?
The price ladder doors varies depending on the project, however they are usually the less expensive option. The ladder doors provide an affordable yet stylish asset to your home.
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