What are Shaker Doors?

16 August 2022
What are Shaker doors?
Shaker doors are internal doors or cabinet doors that typically consist of a minimalist design with simple construction. Shaker style doors usually feature a flat panel style of furniture that has withstood the test of time as they originate circa 18th century. Shaker doors Belfast are the perfect edition to any home.

What are they made off?
Shaker doors were traditionally made with natural materials such as pine or maple but nowadays Shaker doors are made more sustainably with MDF (medium – density – fibreboard). They are mostly made up of 4-panel shaker doors and comprise of 2 stiles, rails and a flat panel.  After this the doors are painted and glazed. This allows the shaker doors to be available in a range of colours.  
Are shaker doors expensive?       
The price of shaker style doors varies on your personal needs but they are usually the less expensive option compared to other ranges of doors. The shaker style door provides a timeless and bespoke style to any home.
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