Where to buy Kamado Joe

01 March 2024

 Where to buy Kamado Joe


The origins of the Kamado grill trace back to China, approximately 3,000 years ago. The innovation of ceramic cooking has maintained a prominent feature in Chinese Cuisine whilst also transferring to Western culture in the 20th Century in the form of a Kamado Grill.

The Kamado Joe was founded just outside of Atlanta by Bobby Brennan and Kerry Coker in 2009. The founders of the Kamado Joe are passionate grillers this allows them to make an innovative line of products and the best ceramic BBQ. Their love for grilling allowed the Kamado Joe grillers to dominate the grilling scene, selling their products across America, Europe, the UK and Ireland.


The bestselling Kamado Joe product is the Kamado Joe Classic II. This grill is perfect for elevating your grilling experience with innovative features such as the Kontrol Tower Top Vent for precise temperature control. This insures that very meal is cooked at the ideal temperature. 

The newest Kamado Joe product is the Big Joe III. This grill is perfect for entertaining a crowd and showin of your grilling skills this summer.

JP Corry is now a premier supplier in Northern Ireland for ceramic Kamado Joe BBQ's. You can shop the range across all JP Corry branches or shop the range online here.