What Is Kamado Joe?

13 May 2022

What is Kamado Joe?

For certain, it’s not your Average Joe!

Kamado Joe is a grill, smoker and an oven all in one; yes, it’s that good. Unmatched flexibility, intelligently designed and signature taste. These are all just attributes that helped get Joe to where it is now.
It all started when two guys, who loved to grill got serious about creating the world’s best ceramic cooker. They wanted better quality, smarter features and more innovative accessories. That soon became reality. That’s the story of Kamado Joe; it’s that simple, but there is more to it…

Born from an Asian cooking tradition, kamado style ceramic grills replicate wood oven cooking. The design is similar to the Green Egg however the Kamado Joe allows for perfect airflow, evenly distributing heat and flavour. They feature thick, insulated sides that absorb more heat than a regular grill. The vents also allow these grills to work like a convection oven, surrounding the food with hot air to cook it quickly and evenly.


Kamado Joe is also more efficient with the use of charcoal and cooks food more evenly than grills made with plated steel. You can use a kamado grill to cook steaks and burgers, or transform it into an outdoor oven or smoker. The possibilities are endless!

It’s three main values are:


The heart of Kamado Joe isn’t a business. It’s a community of people who love the same thing: cooking outside. That passion is a fire that fuels those people every day to crack with their own ‘Joes’.


Kamado Joe is crafted to perform better and last longer. Its goal is simple: that each product bearing the name Kamado Joe becomes a trusted part of exceptional grilling experiences.


Finally, from their earliest days, ‘Joe’s’ focus was on solving problems others hadn’t or couldn’t, so their people, their community could get more out of grilling. They don’t settle. It’s a commitment that’s clear in everything from the features of their flagship grills to the size of their massive lump charcoal.
Kamado Joe is really in a league of their own and is now stocked at JP Corry. The Kamado Joe is stocked in a range of sizes from the magnificent Big Joe III to the perfect Kettle Joe.


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