Kamado Joe vs the Green Egg

24 May 2022

Kamado Joe vs the Green Egg

The Kamado-style ceramic grill has been a prominent part of the culinary scene for around three thousand years.

The Green Egg has been the biggest provider of ceramic grills since 1974, however, they are now facing some fierce competition with the Kamado Joe. The Kamado Joe gill was established in 2009 and has modernized the ceramics grills classic style with its innovative features and accessories.

The difference between the Kamado Joe and the Green Egg

The design of both the Kamado Joe and the Green egg is very similar except one is a ceramic green egg and the other is red.  However, the major difference between them is how they approach grilling. In comparison of the two most popular grills, the Kamado Joe Big Joe and the Green Egg we can see this difference:
The Kamado Joe – Big Joe                                                                                                                                    
Colour:  Red

Cooking system: A ‘Divide and Conquer’ cooking system with two to three cooking levels. Add ons available for more cooking versatility.

Included accessories: Comes with wheeled iron cart with metal locking wheels. The Kamado Joe also comes with side shelves, stainless steel grate
and many more accessories are available.
Cleaning: Easy to clean with stainless steel ash drawer than
can be easily pulled out to dump the ashes.
Price: £1949 (accessories included)
Assembly process: Assembly process is quick and easy and at times can be pre-assembled.
Stocked: Stocked online and in store at your local JP Corry


 The Big Green Egg
Colour: Green
Cooking system: Basic level cooking system with one cooking level
Included accessories: Accessories are sold separately including  wheeled cart, side shelves, stainless steel grate and diffuser plate.
Cleaning: Not easy to clean as it does not come with stainless ash drawer, ash must be removed manually.
Price: From £1,295
Assembly process: Assembly process takes longer
Stocked: Stocked at online retailers

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