Skirting & Architrave - Planed

Planed architrave and skirting, meticulously designed decorative moldings, frame doorways and windows while adding elegance to architectural designs. In ancient architecture, where architraves supported lintels, planed versions have evolved into essential elements bridging walls and features. Planed skirting, as baseboard, offers both practical protection and polished aesthetics, complementing planed architrave's framing precision. This synergy enriches vertical and horizontal transitions.

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What is Skirting?

Skirting, also known as baseboard or base molding, is a horizontal board that runs along the base of a wall. Skirting serves both practical and aesthetic purposes, protecting walls from wear and tear while also adding a finished look to interiors. Just like architraves, skirting comes in various styles and materials to suit different design preferences.

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