Skirting & Architrave - Mdf

MDF skirting and architrave are carefully designed interior elements that add a touch of sophistication to your space. Using Medium Density Fiberboard, a versatile material, these components bring both beauty and durability. MDF skirting frames doorways and openings elegantly, while MDF architrave seamlessly connects walls and architectural features. Though inspired by tradition, this pairing is built for modern needs. MDF skirting safeguards walls from wear, while MDF architrave adds a refined touch. Together, they create a balanced blend of aesthetics and reliability, enhancing both the appearance and structure of your interiors.

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What is MDF Mouldings?


MDF stands for Medium-Density Fiberboard. It's a product derivated from wood, and the end result are panels used for all sorts of mouldings and furniture-making!

Some of the processes involved in creating these sheets that resemble wood are wood chipping -from softwood and hardwood residues-, chip washing, defibration, mat-forming, compression, hot pressing, cooling, and finishing.

In general lines, chipped wood is turned into fibres and then combined with synthetic -or organic- resins to keep them together, finally being compressed into forming the sheets of MDF we are all familiar with.

Though MDF is pretty much the industry standard nowadays for mouldings, it can be also found in cabinets, all sorts of furniture, and even floors!

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