Job Start Success Story

09 May 2024

In a heartening turn of events, Marcus Harvey, a beneficiary of the Job Start scheme, has transitioned from a placement role to a full-time position at JP Corry, following his participation in the program.


The recent "Job Start: Meet the Employers" event in Belfast served as the perfect backdrop for this inspiring journey. Marcus, alongside Hannah Quirey, was warmly welcomed by attendees who asked questions and got to know more about the scheme and opportunities within JP Corry.


Marcus's story exemplifies the transformative impact of the program. Having initially joined JP Corry through Job Start, he has now seamlessly integrated into the team as a valued full-time employee. His progression from participant to permanent staff member highlights the success of Job Start in bridging the gap between job seekers and employers.


During the event, Marcus had the privilege of engaging in a conversation with Communities Minister Gordon Lyons, where he shared his positive experience with Job Start. This exchange underscored the significance of initiatives like Job Start in empowering individuals to kickstart their careers and realise their full potential.


JP Corry expressed their pride in Marcus's journey, emphasising their commitment to supporting initiatives that foster career development and create pathways to employment.


Marcus's success story stands as a testament to the effectiveness of programs like Job Start in nurturing talent and driving positive outcomes for both individuals and businesses alike.


The event concluded on a note of celebration, with attendees inspired by Marcus's journey and hopeful for the future of similar initiatives aimed at building brighter futures for all.


Pictured above is Hannah Quirey (HR Advisor), Lord Mayor of Belfast Ryan Murphy, and Marcus Harvey (Trade Counter Sales)