RSUA Architecture Night 2023

24 October 2023

A night that we at JP Corry always look forward to- Architecture Night 2023, a vibrant celebration of architectural prowess, unfolded in a blaze of creativity and innovation. The event marked a pinnacle in architectural excellence, with a host of distinguished awards and accolades.


In a highlight of the evening, the distinguished journalist and broadcaster, William Crawley, was welcomed as the newest Honorary Member, adding a touch of prestige to an already illustrious evening.

Undergraduate talent took center stage with the Best in School Awards. Lars Pedersen (UU) and Caolan Laverty (QUB) emerged as shining stars, with Caolan clinching the Bronze Medal, showcasing the exceptional caliber of young architectural minds.

The Postgraduate category saw Pearse Gillan (QUB) and Rian McMahon (UU) rise to the top, with Rian securing the coveted Silver Medal. Their contributions reflect the depth of knowledge and skill in the field of architecture.


The climax of the evening was the announcement of the winners of the 2023 Early Career Architects Design Competition, sponsored by JP Corry. The triumphant trio of Julian Manev, James Boyd, and Erl Johnston left an indelible mark with their outstanding creativity and ingenuity.

As the night drew to a close, anticipation swirled in the air for the grand reveal of the plans for next year's Early Career Design Competition. Organizers promised more information in due course, hinting at another year of unparalleled innovation and talent.

Stay tuned for a year of architectural wonders, as the legacy of Architecture Night continues to inspire and shape the future of design.