#NotJustForBoys showcase woodworking talent

14 June 2023
Over the past few months, JP Corry have been working closely with Womens TEC and their #NotJustForBoys Homework Club with pupils from Trinity Belfast. The pupils were tasked with building wooden construction toys for two nursery schools and we're delighted that the project has been completed with fantastic results!

The pupils from the #NJFB Homework Club devoted their Wednesday afternoons to this ambitious undertaking. With great skill and determination, they embarked on a journey of creativity and craftsmanship. From the initial design and meticulous planning to precise measurements, cutting, building, painting, and of course the decorative touches. The result? Two remarkable workbenches, four toolboxes, and an assortment of wooden tools, all crafted with love and care. These toys will not only provide endless joy to the nursery children but also serve as educational tools to foster their understanding of the construction industry. We invited the students up to head office in Springfield Road for a guided tour of the site and to have some well-deserved sweets for all their hard work.


Laura Wray, HR Manager for JP Corry said, 'We're delighted to see this vision unfold and hear of the engagement and inspiration it has provoked from the girls. The #NJFB girls have got to work on essentially a commercially viable project that has gone on to inspire career choices and capabilities within them that otherwise wouldn’t be on their radar. We are very excited to engage with the next group of girls on the next project!"

What an achievement for this exceptional group of young individuals, who showcased remarkable initiative and teamwork skills throughout the project. Their dedication and enthusiasm have left an indelible mark. We can't wait to see what the nursery students think of their new toys!