JP Corry Empowers Youth, Supports Community and Prioritizes Staff Well-being

08 August 2023
In an inspiring display of community engagement and employee support, to date in 2023, JP Corry has been making significant strides in various areas across their corporate responsibility commitments. From empowering young girls through the WomensTEC Homework Club, to giving back to the community through donations and volunteering, JP Corry continues to prioritize people-oriented initiatives. Training at JP Corry has reached new heights this year, with employees investing a total of 790.33 hours in 39 training initiatives. A remarkable 209 employees have taken part in training, showcasing the company's commitment to employee growth and development.

In a bid to foster diversity and encourage young girls to explore their potential, JP Corry sponsored the WomensTEC Homework Club. Eight girls dedicated their time after school to research, design, and create tool benches and boxes for nursery school children. The project, which commenced in September 2022, saw the girls collaborating in two groups, one focusing on bench design and the other on toolbox design. Through this hands-on experience, the girls honed their teamwork skills, assuming roles such as Project Lead and Quality Control. The culmination of their efforts came in May 23 when the girls and their instructors were invited to Springfield Road for a site tour, accompanied by a well-deserved sweet treat to celebrate their completed work.


Recognizing the importance of mental health and in line with SDG target of good health and wellbeing, JP Corry took proactive steps with the help of Six Mental Health Solutions. As part of this initiative, the company conducted an interview and Q&A session with renowned mental health advocate Tony Adams, offering valuable insights and support to employees and members of the CEF. Additionally, during the winter months, JP Corry introduced the Warm Winter Food Initiative for staff members, providing hot snacks such as cup-a-soup and pot noodles, ensuring they have access to warm and nourishing meals. Furthermore, daily provisions of essential food items like milk, bread, fruit, tea, coffee, sugar, and butter are made available to employees during working hours, promoting their well-being and overall job satisfaction.

Notable for its generosity and commitment to community development, JP Corry has donated a staggering £17,231.68 to local community groups within the first six months of 2023. These funds were raised through product donations, sponsorships, and fundraising activities. The company supported 49 groups across Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man, with particular focus on organizations like the Simon Community and Cancer Focus. The fundraising efforts for the Simon Community alone raised £1,474.86 through events such as the Belfast Marathon Relay, Steps for Simon, and the Belfast Castle Abseil. Moreover, JP Corry's dedication to Cancer Focus resulted in a remarkable £7,160.88 raised through activities like skydiving, sponsored walks, an Easter Raffle, and running a Cancer Focus shop for a day.

One of JP Corry's standout donations was the provision of four construction packs to local nurseries near their branches. The impact of these donations was evident through heartfelt feedback received from the beneficiaries. Rainbow Playgroup in Carrick expressed gratitude, stating, "The children have had great fun with the resources, and it has helped us as money is tight for new resources so they could not have come at a better time." St. Joseph's Primary School in Ballymena noted that the donation had significantly enhanced the outdoor learning experiences for their 330 children, allowing for stimulating and creative play. Totz 'n' Teenz in Portadown appreciated how the donated items enhanced their "Builders Yard" aspect of the Eager and Able to Learn program. Kings Road Nursery in Belfast Castlereagh highlighted the invaluable nature of the resources, which facilitated children's engagement across various areas of the curriculum.

Volunteering is also a key component of JP Corry's community engagement efforts. Employees have dedicated a total of 94 hours to volunteering, with 16 individuals participating in various activities. On King's Coronation Day, employees took part in the "Big Help Out" by volunteering for three separate activities. These included cleaning up and creating an outdoor wellbeing space for the Simon Community, as well as supporting the Assisi Animal Sanctuary.

JP Corry's commitment to educational engagement has impacted a significant number of students. Through six initiatives, staff members have reached out to a total of 1,100 students. Initiatives such as the Bangor Academy and 6th Form Centre, Breda Academy Careers Fair, St Colm's High School Mock Interviews, and the Titanic Schools Project facilitated valuable learning experiences and career guidance for students. JP Corry's commitment to their SDG target of quality education extends to providing valuable placements for individuals seeking work experience and student placements. So far, eight placements have been offered across the company's branches, including volunteered work placements in collaboration with the NOW group and the Customer Service Academy. These opportunities allow aspiring workers to gain real-world experience and expand their skill sets.

JP Corry's dedication to its people, community, and education exemplifies the company's core values. By investing in training, fostering diversity, supporting staff well-being, making meaningful donations, engaging in volunteering, and promoting educational initiatives, we like to think that JP Corry sets a strong example to follow for other businesses. Their commitment to empowering individuals and making a positive impact continues to drive success as the complete building supplier.