JP Corry and The Big Help Out

15 May 2023

The dedicated staff members of JP Corry actively participated in three diverse volunteering opportunities as part of the nationwide event known as 'The Big Help Out'.

One of the teams, comprising Hannah Quirey, Lucy Vaughan, and Danielle Toal, generously devoted their day to assisting the Simon Community's Outdoor Wellbeing Project located on the Falls Road in Belfast. The weather turned out to be exceptionally favorable as the rain held off throughout the day. Surprisingly, Danielle showcased her remarkable skills with the power hose, proving herself to be quite the expert! The team cleaned the entrance area of the building, painted masonry work and windowsills, and enthusiastically worked on tidying up the surroundings by sweeping and planting new hanging baskets.

Meanwhile, another group consisting of Liam Rouse, Michael Brown, Trish McCully and Trish Cunning dedicated their morning to aiding our corporate charity partner the Simon Community at their Hub in Belfast. Their primary tasks involved handling crates filled with essential food items and toiletries, efficiently restocking the Simon Community pantry to ensure it remained well-equipped for those in need.

In addition, Rachel Ryan, Emmet Quinn, Joanne Skillen, Lisa McCreery, and Ian Uprichard volunteered their time at the Assisi Animal Sanctuary in Conlig. Throughout the day, their efforts encompassed various activities such as painting, gardening, weeding, clearing containers, and, to conclude the day on a heartwarming note, receiving affectionate cuddles from their furry companions.

The participation of JPC staff in 'The Big Help Out' exemplifies their compassion, dedication, and commitment to making a positive impact in their local communities. By contributing their time and skills to these invaluable causes, they have not only enhanced the physical spaces but also extended their support and care to those in need, including individuals experiencing homelessness and abandoned animals. Their selfless acts of kindness embody the true spirit of volunteering and serve as an inspiration for others to contribute to the well-being of society.