12 December 2022

Saint-Gobain, JP Corry's parent company, has exchanged binding contracts with The STARK Group to sell all the businesses of Saint-Gobain Building Distribution Ltd (SGBD). This includes JP Corry. The sale is expected to be completed in quarter 1 of 2023.
The STARK Group is among Europe’s fastest-growing retailers and distributors and is completely focussed on building materials distribution for the professional builder/tradesperson. They are headquartered in Denmark, with operations in 6 countries in Northern Europe.

The STARK Group has a complete focus on building distribution, values that are similar to ours, and like JP Corry have a strong focus on giving customers a great experience and being a responsible sustainable business.
The STARK Group is investing in JP Corry to support our plans for growth which are centred around providing a great experience and continuing to evolve our services with our customers’ current and future needs in mind.
The planning for this transition is underway and the main aim is to make sure that the transition is seamless and smooth for our customers.
JP Corry continues to operate and trade as normal and we remain on hand to support you with all your needs as before.