JP Corry Act Responsibly With Workplace Hydration Initiative

27 April 2017

As most people spend the majority of their day at work, JP Corry treats the health and wellbeing of their staff with priority.   

In a bid to improve wellness in the workplace, JP Corry examined the importance of water consumption and how it’s beneficial to employees and the business. The company was surprised to discover the average worker operates at only 65% of his or her potential if not properly hydrated. 

To increase water consumption levels amongst staff, JP Corry has installed filtered water dispensers in 14 branches. Using a water dispenser keeps employees awake, alert, healthy, and less fatigued. 

This initiative improves employee performance and concentration levels, whilst ultimately improving their health and wellness. 

JP Corry is passionate about the health and wellbeing of their employees and continues to invest in measures to improve the wellness of their employees for a healthier and happier workforce. 

Owen Downie, Sales Co-ordinator Springfield Road (L), Sean McErlean, Telesales Springfield Road (C) and Michelle Forsythe, Customer Experience Executive (R)