Inspiring Students: Win a free place on the RSUA Study Trip to Copenhagen with JP Corry

02 May 2017

The RSUA Study Trip to Copenhagen takes place from 25th to 28th May 2017 and RSUA in partnership with JP Corry are running a competition to give one lucky student of architecture the chance to join the 50 strong party and experience a memorable trip to one of Europe’s great cities. 

The theme of the study trip is ‘genoplivning’ which translates as ‘revitalisation’. To enter the competition all you have to do is tweet a photo and text (photo to betaken by you) on this theme in relation to urban living. The aim of the tweet is to be thought provoking because the most thought provoking tweet will win.

RSUA has designed this trip to be energising, thought provoking, inspiring and friendship building; a trip which has the potential to, just maybe, change how we think and act when we return from it. Ultimately we want Belfast and other urban centres in Northern Irelandto benefit from this trip and this competition is part of that drive.

Each tweet must include the hashtag #genoplivning and RSUA’s twitter account @ArchitectureNI must be tagged in the photo or mentioned in the text. In deciding who wins, RSUA will take account of the online reaction to each tweet but it will not be the deciding factor. RSUA will be retweeting but feel free to tag others in your photo to help reach the widest possible audience.

Tweets on this theme will be eligible for entry into the competition from today until 5pm on 9th May 2017. There is no limit on the number of tweets a student can submit. Please make your fellow students aware of this opportunity.

You can take any angle on this that you want, from good examples, bad examples, areas in need of revival, abstract ideas, from the micro to the macro, whatever inspires you and can makes others think.

Click here to view the itinerary.

Get tweeting!