Why draught excluders are a necessity in your home

06 October 2022
The purpose of draught excluders is to stop cold air from coming into your home and to stop warm air from escaping. Keeping your home well insulated has many benefits which can ultimately save you money.

Draught excluders help control unwanted ventilation gaps allowing you to focus on managing temporary draughts occurred by leaving doors, letterboxes, or windows open.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, if every household in the UK were to properly add draught excluders to their home, ‘the total energy savings could be worth as much as £190 million, and the energy saved would heat nearly 400,000 homes.’ Meaning that each household could save themselves an estimated £60 per year on heating bills.
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How to draught proof your home
In order to draught proof your home and save energy this winter you must ensure that you are putting the draught excluders in the correct places.

You will find draughts in any gap in your home that leads outside. To find these gaps listen out for moving air, this sounds like little rattles and whistling noises. Check around the fire place, skirting boards, floors, stairways and also in the obvious places such as door gaps, letterboxes and opened windows.  

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