What Is The Cost Of Insulating Your Home This Winter?

20 September 2022

What is the cost of insulating your home this winter?

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As Summer draws to a close, families are preparing themselves for the difficult months ahead with the rising ongoing costs of living. With gas & electricity bills set to increase again, people are wanting to act now in order to save as much money as possible. Thankfully, JP Corry are here to help you. We’ve drawn up our hints & tips on how to save money and buy smart when it comes to insulating your home this winter.

But which Insulation is right for you?

Mineral Wool

Mineral Wool is an extremely popular product to purchase when it comes to insulation Belfast; it’s easy to install, it has excellent acoustic & fire safety performance as well as being made from recycled glass.
The cheapest option we have available consists of the Isover Spacesaver Mineral Wool Insulation Roll @£37.50/each which covers 7.0m2.

This is a suitable product for areas in your home that need a top up of insulation. However, a more popular choice amongst customers would consist of the Isover RD Party Wall Mineral Wool Insulation Roll @£72.95/each which cover 5.46m2.

This wool is designed to reduce the passage of sound in masonry cavity separating (party) walls. A great shout if you are wanting a quieter setting in the household this winter.
Kingspan products

Kingspan are a leading manufacturer of premium and high performance rigid insulation products and insulated systems. They focus on innovation that makes a difference to you: offering thinner, lighter, higher performing products.

The Polyiso Cavity Wall is an eccentric product that’s well worth investing in. It’s easy to cut and handle, ensuring an efficient installation process. They are available in a range of thicknesses. Prices start at £63.25 Inc. VAT

Another valuable product for your home this Winter is the Therma TF70 Floorboard starting at £31.99 inc.VAT. This product has a variety of thicknesses to choose from, it can be used as thermal insulation for floors as well as Rafter Level Insulation for Tiled Or Slated Pitched Warm Roof Spaces also.

Overall, insulation costs will vary depending on which materials you use and whether you install it yourself or hire a professional.

If you are thinking of doing it yourself, then you need to be mindful that not all the different materials will be available to you as some do require installation by a professional. Other factors such as the amount you need will also influence the home insulation costs.

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