Cost of Artificial Grass

09 February 2022

Cost of Artificial Grass

When purchasing artificial grass, it’s important to know how to compare each range and type. Artificial grass varies in grass weight ,pile height, softness and wear ratings to suit your needs. The more expensive in price, reflects the quality of the grass in terms of the number of strands per m². This is represented in the grass weight. Luxury ranges are much denser, holding more grass per m², therefore carrying a higher cost per m².
A lawn with artificial turf and stone next to a blue pool

Do you know what's more expensive than Artificial Grass? Cheap Artificial Grass. 

JP Corry always advise customers against opting for the cheapest artificial grass option unless it is the only option. Pricier grass might appear more expensive in the short term, it will need much less maintenance and will last considerably longer, therefore costing you less over time. Never sacrifice quality in order to save a few pounds on your artificial grass.
Here's an idea of artificial turf costs. This gives an overview of what you can expect to spend on artificial grass. We've included a few examples of the artificial grasses in our range. Shop JP Corry’s wide range of artificial grass. 

Artificial Grass



Luxigraze Artificial Grass- 32 Luxury // Surfscape Artificial Grass Kildare

Luxigraze 32 Luxury is designed to look as stunning as natural grass. This high-quality artificial grass is flexible and durable, creating a soft and comfortable feel underfoot. Transform your lawn, garden or play area with this versatile artificial grass.


Luxigraze Artificial Grass- 30 premium

Luxigraze 30 Premium provides a stunning, natural looking artificial grass. Utilising soft and hard wearing fibres, this realistic alternative to natural turf looks and feels like the real thing! A popular choice for lawns, landscapes and schools.


SurfScape Artificial Grass Waterford  

The lowest costing lawn in our range, the 30mm shorter pile features a realistic look for a quality yet affordable option. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.



Whitby Artificial Grass | Dark Green Artificial Turf | NamgrassThere are also a number of accessories you may add to further the lifespan of your artificial grass. These range from anti-weed membranes to stop anything from growing through your lawn to maintain a pristine surface, to joining tape and adhesive to make sure the curves can have a strong bond and stay firmly in place after laying or Grass Grids which give drainage for your Artificial Grass.
To find out how to lay your artificial grass  have a look at our guide.