10 Main Advantages and Benefits to using Composite Decking

29 July 2021

Which is the right choice for you : Composite Decking vs Timber Decking

In the past decade, composite decking has made big strides within the industry with the design and feel of the material. We understand that some customers concern was achieving a true wood appearance. With the introduction of realistic composite decking woodgrain range, these concerns are quickly solved 
The key reasons that customers are switching to a composite deck are little or no maintenance, anti-slip resistance and an extended product life that's green, sustainable and friendlier to our surroundings . 
Its long-life span may be a testament to the standard and therefore the leaps in technology that composite decking has undertaken since its first introduction within the mid to late 1990s. a top quality composite decking offers a lifespan of beyond 25 years when comparing that to wood’s lifespan of 8 to 12 years. It’s easy to guess why composite has become so popular. 

The choices for Composite decking are further transformed with the introduction of shielded or capped (co-extrusion) composite decking. Capped composite decking acts as a shield or barrier round the decking boards centre or honeycomb core. The term “shield” means exactly that, each decking board features a capped or shield surrounding the whole board which offers protection from mother nature’s harshest elements increasing the lifetime of your new deck. The shield also offers protection from mould, mildew, spills, stains and UV fading. 
Its long-life span is testament to the standard and leaps in technology that composite decking has taken since its first introduction within the late 1990s. a top quality composite decking features a lifespan of well beyond 25, compare that to wood’s lifespan of 8 to 12 years and you'll see why composite has become so popular. 
Composite decking choices have taken a good further transformation with the introduction of capped (co-extrusion) decking. Capped composite decking acts as a shield round the decking centre or honeycomb core and once we say shield it really is, the shield protection not only increases the lifetime but literally protects the decking from mold, mildew, spills, stains and fading 

The 10 main advantage and benefits of composite decking: 

  • Composite decking is eco-friendly  -Made from up to 99% recycled materials, composite decking is a truly eco-friendly product in a time that caring for the environment really does matter.
  • Life Span - Composite decking will last for a minimum of 25 years compared to a wood life span of 8-12 years. 
  • Low Maintenance  - Composite decking is truly a low maintenance hassle-free product that provides our customers with extra leisure time to relax and enjoy their beautiful new garden deck. 
  • No Painting - No more spending you summer maintaining your wood decking. 
  • Composite Decking doesn’t warp, splint or crack 
  • Composite decking is child and pet-friendly - giving that extra piece of mind when loved ones are playing in the garden 
  • Anti Slip - Composite decking offers exceptional non-slip properties, even in the wettest of weather. 
  • Scratch Resistant - Composite decking can stand up against pet’s claws or high heel shoes. 
  • UV Protection  - Quality capped or shielded (co-extrusion) composite decking offers a warranty that provides high fade protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. No more painting, sealing or staining your wood deck every year. 
  • Water Resistant  - Capped (co-extrusion) composite decking is water resistant absorbing less than 1% 
If you have any further questions about Composite Decking, please speak to the team at your local branch who will be able to provide their expert knowledge.