Dr Dulux: Hacks to Make Decorating a Breeze

07 December 2016


Sometimes it’s the smallest tweaks that make the biggest difference.


So if you’re preparing for a project, these essential tips could help save time and make life that little bit easier.


1. Deco trivia alert! Did you know a paint roller can hold up to a tester pot’s worth of paint? After you’ve finished painting for the day, make sure you squeeze every last drop out with a paint scraper and pop it back into the tin. Waste not, want not!


2. There’s no need to waste time washing brushes and rollers out at the end of the day if you’re going to be painting with the same colours the next day – wrap them up tightly with cling film ensuring no air can get in to dry them out. They’ll last a good few days like that.


3. Before you close a tin of paint, give it a quick clean around the edge of the lid can with a cloth – this will stop bits of dried paint falling into the fresh paint when you open it next.


4. Eliminate drips. Worried about paint dripping from the brush? Dip the bottom half of your brush into the paint to load it up, and then tap firmly against the inside of the tin to get rid of any excess paint.


5. Vaseline can be used to cover up things you don’t want to be painted. So avoid getting paint on screws and other hardware that might be too difficult to remove by swiping a little bit of petroleum jelly on them first and then wipe away the paint.


6. Arranging a photo gallery along your walls? Trace around your frames on sheets of paper, cut them out and stick to the walls with low-tack masking tape to pre-arrange your photos before drilling any holes. Easy!