Isover Vario Doublefit Mastic 310Ml
Isover Vario Doublefit Mastic 310Ml
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Isover Vario Doublefit Mastic 310Ml

2 Layers Of Adhesive Within The Mastic Provide Added Flexibility After Application., As Part Of The Vario System
- Prevents Mould And Mildew Growth By Reducing The Potential For Moisture Accumulation, For Renovation Projects, Especially Loft Spaces And Roofs, Vario Together With Glasswool Insulation Dramatically Improves The Thermal Performance Of An Older Building, Vario Allows Timber Dampened By Rainfall During Construction To Dry Out Faster, Vario Automatically Adapts To Long Heating And Short Drying Periods, Unlike Conventional Membranes That Behave The Same Way In All Conditions, Vario Protects The Inside Of The Building Against Toxic Gases
- Particularly Important When Converting The Attics Of Older Buildings Into Living Space