How to: A Guide To Laying Kilsaran Paving

11 July 2018

Get to grips with Kilsaran Paving by following our DIY guide on how to lay paving flags to create the perfect patio.

Now that you have decided on the layout of your patio area, we have put together a handy guide to help you get started with your new DIY project - laying your own patio.*

  • Preparation of the base is very important when it comes to achieving a level even finish to your paved area. The laying course is normally natural clean sharp gritty sand, laid moist in a 30-50mm layer and screeded off to correct levels. We recommend the use of a pre-mixed bedding mix such as the Webertec bedding mortar 
  • Starting with a full flag against a fixed point like a wall, lay the flags evenly using a spirit level and a pavior maul
  • As you continue to lay the flags using a spirit level, regularly check the levels across a number of flags making sure to allow for a gentle slope away from the house
  • In order to achieve an even blend of colour, we recommend working equally from a minimum of three packs laying evenly from each
  • There are a few options when it comes to jointing paving flags - you can simply sweep jointing sand into the joints using Kilsaran Jointing Sand which is perfect for this.
  • Finally sealing is a great way to protect your investment and is highly recommended for all Kilsaran paving products. 


Maintenance Guidance

General cleaning with regular brushing will remove most surface dirt. In the event that you're paving hasnt been sealed and dirt has become ingrained or if the paving has become dull or discoloured, scrubbing with soap and warm water will usually restore the surface. Excessive power-washing is not recommended as it is likely to remove some of the jointing material and can also damage the surface of the paving.

*Laying paving is not always simple and straightforward so you should consult all sources of advice when investigating your project to ensure you have all the facts and information before approaching the task. 

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