LABC - Registered Construction Details (RCDs)

What is it?

Thermal bridging can account for of heat loss within a home*, and as properties are being built with better insulation and energy efficiency targets are getting tougher, the importance of thermal bridging has increased.


Thermal bridging occurs in junctions where surfaces - such as around windows - have a much lower insulation value to the materials surrounding it, for example an external cavity wall. The obvious solution can be to increase the insulation of that surface, however, this is often not a viable option due to size disparities between both surfaces. So the best way of overcoming thermal bridging is to use construction details to design these cold spots out.

So, to make the Building Control process easier, Build Aviator has joined forces with the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) to revolutionise RCD's, aligning them with thousands of products to make procurement simpler

With over 15,000 products inputted within the 368 construction details, the process for choosing compatible solutions to minimise the heat loss within the building envelope has been simplified.

As standard, we provide all the relevant RCDs required for your build as part of our SAP assessment service.

To enqure about RCD's please complete our online form. alternatively contact a member of our team on 028 9024 3661.