Air Tightness Testing

Air Tightness Testing is a requirement for all residential new-builds and is undertaken to determine a building’s air permeability rating.

Air leakage is a significant cause of heat loss, and is therefore a major contributor to energy inefficiency in buildings. For this reason, Part L of the Building Regulations requires new buildings to meet specific air permeability targets.

The test must be undertaken once all elements of the building's envelope are sealed. The Build Aviator service provides Part L air tightness testing and consultancy from leading industry specialists. All of the testing and calculations are provided, but we also provide constructive commentary during testing to assist your build in passing for final sign off from Building Control.


• ATTMA certified testing service
• Includes on-site constructive commentary
• Provides support documents pre-test to support your build in passing first time
• Competitive and efficient service
• Coverage throughout the UK

To enquire about Air Tightness testing please complete our online form. Alternatively, contact a member of our team on 028 9024 3661.