Acoustic Testing

What is it?

Acoustic testing is a requirement for properties such as semi-detached, terraces and apartments, where habitable rooms from separate dwellings meet. The acoustic testing requirement throughout NI is designed to support and satisfy Part G building regulations.


What is required?

A Pre-Completion Sound Insulation Test (PCT) is required for all new-build flats and attached houses which have not been registered and built using the Robust Details scheme. In addition, any project where houses or flats for residential use have been created via a Material Change of Use (MCOU), (like a former office building converted into residential flats) will require mandatory testing.

Regardless of whether the project is new build or MCOU, if Rooms for Residential Purposes (RFRP) have been created, such as hotels or student halls of residence, testing is compulsory.

A fail on the acoustics could lead to costly remedial solutions and delays in the sign-off.


So what’s the solution?

Build Aviator has partnered with LABC Acoustics to offer a comprehensive acoustic service. Our team can work with your designer to ensure acoustic solutions are designed in from the beginning, reducing the risk of failure due to issues such as flanking sound. In addition, we can audit a building for sound to assess the performance and work with the design team to find the most effective solutions to ensure you pass the final test.


• We provide UKAS accredited sound insulation acoustic testing (UKAS Accreditation Certificate No. 2694) in line with Building Regulations Part G, and will provide noise reduction advice should any problems prevail during testing
• We can provide Environmental Noise Risk Assessments to assist with sound issues in planning and tailor them to any manufacturer frameworks
• We offer desktop studies, checking your plans and details to help steer you in the right direction for creating a build that adheres to Part G acoustic requirements
• We have created unique thermal and acoustic registered construction details approved by local authority building
control. The details provide assistance with compliancy both through the design and build process
• We can help you with material procurement, to ensure the materials required for reducing noise meet the regulatory standards.

To enquire about Acoustic Testing please complete our online form. Alternatively, contact a member of our team on 028 9024 3661.