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Red Bank

Chimney systems have been an important feature in the European construction industry for many years and the benefits of the system are widely known. This has not been the case in the UK and Ireland where chimneys have commonly been constructed on site with components supplied by different manufacturers. The Schiedel Swift is ideal for Open Fires, Stoves, Cookers and Central Heating Boilers.

1st Layer:
A high quality flue liner, made of fireclay, tested to EN1457.
2nd Layer:
A flexible insulation board designed to maintain the temperature of the flue gases and allow them to pass freely up the chimney. It also allows the flue liner to expand and contract without damage.

3rd Layer:
A lightweight chimney block which safely encases the whole system and provides additional insulation.
Red Bank is perhaps best known for its range of ornamental chimney pots. Used extensively in refurbishment and new building work, they are available in red terra cotta, buff fireclay and (through coloured ) blue black.

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